To Take Dukoral or Not?

Your doctor recommend Dukoral for your next trip. This may be your first time hearing the word Dukoral and now you’re trying to figure out what is it and if it’s worth spending $90-$100 CAD?

Here’s my take on Dukoral and if you should take the two doses or not.

First, what is Dukoral?

A vaccine that helps prevent travelers’ diarrhea caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli and cholera.

That’s just a quick detail. If you want the full information on Dukoral, click here.

How to take Dukoral

  1. Dissolve the powder into a cool glass of 150 mL of water.
  2. Shake the small glass of vial. (keep refrigerated)
  3. Pour the small glass of vial into the cool glass of water.
  4. Stir well and drink it immediately.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 a week after taking the first dose.

Side effects

I got hit hard with the side effects. From what I remember, I had nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and the worst case of vomiting.

Even though I got these side effects, I’m glad I took it. Just imagining being sick during my Vietnam trip haunts me.

Apparently the side effects for this vaccine are really low. I just happened to be the unlucky one!

Friends and family experiences

I often hear daunting stories about food poisoning from friends and family while they were out traveling to another country eating delicious local food. Even witnessing my good friend Alan, having the worst case of food poisoning in Varadero, Cuba.

I believe it was the hot dog that he ate. The hot dog meat was the same meat as the burgers (red flag) and we believe it wasn’t fully cooked. I decided not to eat it because of what I just mentioned but Alan thought differently. He definitely paid the price that night!

Another story that comes into mind is when a cousin of mine went to Vietnam and had stomach problems all week. Now I believe that he either is never going back or never going to touch the street food again. What a shame.

My experience

My recent experience is when I got a bad case of diarrhea on the last day before going home from Vietnam. It’s fortunate how I got it before and at the end of my trip, not during. I can see why it would ruin a trip and scar someone from never eating street food again.

Should you take it?

Why do I mentioned you these not so fun stories? With only a 25% reduction of getting cholera or travelers’ diarrhea, I still highly recommend taking this vaccine before your trip. I know you can’t prevent getting stomach problem completely by using Dukoral but it can be the difference from you relaxing on the beach or you sitting in the toilet.

It doesn’t even taste that bad!

Remember to talk to your doctor first before taking Dukoral!

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