Things to Do Before Your Trip

You bought the tickets and now you’re counting down the days until you’re off to the races. But before that happens, I want you to stop thinking about all that for a minute and look at what needs to get done first.

Here are some of my to-do list before I fly off to unknown lands!

Email Documents

I got this tip for a co-worker that has been traveling for more than 20 years.

Email yourself every important documents you can think of. This includes your medical insurance, scanned copy of your passport, driver license, flight itinerary, hotels, contact list, and anything you deem to be essential. I would also put these files in my portable hard drive in case there was no internet connection.

Clearly, you’d still need the real copy of your passport to go back home but having a scanned copy of it, makes the process at the embassy so much faster. It only takes just a few minutes to do at home.

Vaccines & Medicines

Go to the medical center and get the Immunization. Tell them where you’re going and they’ll know what to give you. Don’t risk it by not getting the vaccine because it’s better to get it done than be sorry later during your trip.

As well as getting your shots up to date, go to the local drug store and packed up some over the counter medicines. Eno, Hydralyte Orange Powder, Pepto Bistmo, and Tylenol are some of the products in my bag.

Budget Wisely

Hotel and food are you’re biggest expenses. If you’re planning to move around a lot, transportation can hurt your wallet.

Create a budget and stick with it but leave some breathing room to spur out once in a while!

Talk About it!

My two friends and I would regularly talk about our plans and what kind of adventures lies ahead of us. We hyped it up as much as possible and the fact of the matter is, it made my 4 week trip felt like it was 8.

If you’re going alone, talk a friend that also went alone or just talk to anyone that ever went traveling before! If that’s not an option, go to the online world and talk to strangers. Email me if you want! People love sharing their travel journey and in the midst of everything, you’ll undoubtedly pick up some great tips from them.

Make memories before the trip even starts!

  • Duy Dang

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