Peace River | Road to Peace River

Ever since my good friend Paul moved out of Edmonton 3 years ago, I’ve been visiting him at least once per year during the summer. The first year was in Dawson Creek, BC. Peace River was the next and current town.

It’s funny to think how I used to only walk 5 minutes to see him, then as we got older and headed to college, it would be a mere 5 minute drive and now it’s about a 5 hour ride.

This doesn’t really bother me one bit because it’s always nice to catch up with him and it also gives me a reason to venture out to the smaller towns around my country.

Time to Pack!

I decided to pack my clothes in a duffle bag instead of using a luggage. I wanted to learn how to travel much more lightly then how I did in the past.

For this trip, I still felt that my duffle bag was over packed. I can never get the right amount of clothing I need for a certain trip.

I was happy with my backpack as I needed all the items I brought with me. The only suggestion I have for myself is to get a bigger bag. My current bag may be too small.

  1. Duffle bag
    1. Underwear
    2. Shorts
    3. T-shirts
    4. Towel
    5. Medicines
    6. Toiletry
  2. Backpack
    1. Laptop
    2. Chargers
    3. Headphone
    4. GoPro
    5. Agenda
    6. Book

Since deciding to record my travels on my GoPro, I found that having a decent backpack is essential!

One of the problems I had back in the day was carrying my GoPro, GoPro accessories, wallet, phone and keys around was difficult. Some of my shorts didn’t have pockets, making it super tough to hold on to these items while trying to capture the moment.

Definitely invest in a backpack that suits your needs while traveling.

On the Road

My plan was to leave at noon and get to Peace River at 5 pm. Being the procrastinator I am, I ended up leaving at 1:30.

I wanted to just drive 5 hours straight to get to my destination but I felt sleepy and sluggish about 1 hour and a half in so I decided to stop at Whitecourt, AB for a quick break. There I got some food (hot wings!) and ice coffee from Mcdonalds. I felt tremendously refreshed after!

There was a moment on the road where it rained so heavily that I had to slow that my speed from 110km/hr to around 50km/hr on the highway. I believe that storm was headed to Edmonton as I heard stories while in Peace River that some parts of the Edmonton was flooded.

I sure can pick the right time to leave!

Peace River Town

At 6:40 pm, I finally arrived in Peace River! I forgot how beautiful the river and hill went along side each other.

Upon arriving, I was unable to call Paul because my phone was dead. I used my portable charger and waited until it turned back on.

Me being me, the first thing I did was to snapchat the view, not to call Paul. It ended up costing the 1% battery life it charged up too. I had to wait another 2 minutes or so before letting Paul know I made it to Peace River.

Let the adventures in Peace River begin!

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