First Hotel in Da Nang, Vietnam

Deciding which part of the city to stay was easy for me. My only requirement was to be near the beach. When I first seen Lion Sea Hotel on, I booked it immediately. The room had a beautiful view of the beach and it was in my price range. I paid around $25-$30 CAD per night. Plus the room didn’t look too bad (not dark and gloomy!).

From my experience, it doesn’t matter if you’re staying at a 5 star all-inclusive hotel or a 3 star hotel with breakfast, there’ll always be something you don’t like and something you do. One may outweigh the other but there’s always two sides of the coin.

This is my pros and cons list for Lion Sea Hotel.


1. Steps away from the beach

As I mentioned earlier, being by the beach was my top priority. Only steps away, I spent most of my time, relaxing on the beach. This would’ve not happened if I had to take the cab ride there.

There is a street between the hotel and the beach but from what I can observe by walking around the area is that you’re not going to get any closer than this!



2. Friendly staffs

When I first I arrived, I felt super welcome when I saw my name on a TV screen. Simple gesture like this can truly open me up.

Another small thing was that the bell boy always had a smile when opening the doors for me. Some days I would walk in and out the hotel over 10 times. Good to know he didn’t get annoyed!



3. The price is reasonable

Like I said, for being only $25-$30 CAD, I got exactly what I expected. It was an open space room with a small flat screen on the wall, the wifi was decent, it came with a breakfast meal and my room was cleaned daily.

4. Beer club right outside!

Right beside the Lion Sea Hotel, there was a beer club. It seemed like a hut type building therefore, you’d get a little breeze from the ocean while sipping on your beer. No complaints in that!

The club itself played up-to-date music with plenty of workers from what I can recall. I stayed during the weekday so it wasn’t busy at all but if it were; I have a feeling it would’ve been one of those great nights out in Da Nang!




1. Not too many business nearby

I clearly didn’t do my research. Being by a beach seemed to be my top and only priority. I didn’t checked what kind of restaurants or markets were close by ahead of time.

There is a restaurant called Lido, just outside the hotel (this is where you get your free breakfast) but that was about it. I walked around the area and didn’t find any interesting restaurants.



2. Washroom is a bit dim

I could barely see a thing with the lighting they had in there. I consider my eye sight to be above average as well!

In the end

With the two cons I have listed being very minimal, I would absolutely recommend this hotel to anyone, if this is your price range.

Tips & advices

Here’s a quick tip a picked up from the web when I was booking hotels in Vietnam. Book your hotel for a maximum of 2 or 3 nights. I prefer 2. This allows you to change hotel, if for whatever reasons you don’t enjoy your stay or it allows you to find better deals. If you do like it however, you can rebook it for another 2 to 3 nights. Usually it’s the same price.


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