Duy’s Pictures of the Week – Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

In my early days of traveling, I’ve never got into the idea of taking loads of pictures or videos. As I kept traveling, it was disappointing to come home without any memories of my trip! These days, I made a pact to myself to take as many pictures and videos as I can.

Going for about a month, Vietnam was going to be my first big trip. I wanted to take all the pictures and videos as I can. I wanted to make a memorable video of my trip (watch below for my video!).

In the beginning, I was achieving this task but sadly to say, at the end of my trip when arriving to Ho Chi Minh City, my spirit of ‘capturing the moment’ disappeared. These are the few pictures I was able to capture while in the big city of Ho Chi Minh. Enjoy!


Taken from our balcony, this was one view I couldn’t stop pondering my head over. With its beautiful high rises taking shape in this city, what will happen with all the small buildings surrounding it? These old small building is what makes Vietnam, well Vietnam.


Just more shots from Nguyen Hue Street in district 1.


Vincom Center was one of my favorite places to go while in Ho Chi Minh City. It had it all. Plenty of restaurants with all sorts of different selection of food. Entertainment whenever bored.


More views from my balcony at Palace Hotel. As you can see, the streets are pretty empty but once the sun goes down, it’s filled with people!


Another hotel on the same street as above. We considered staying here as the prices were almost identical but comparing it to palace, this one had no balcony. That made the choice easy for us.


Center of Nguyen Hue Street. At night, the ground lights turn on and the water works comes on. It’s a beautiful street to visit at night!


Still in district 1, Luxe Hotel was one we decided to try out for a day or two before returning to Palace Hotel. I’ll write a review for this hotel in the near future as I have mix feeling for this place.


A McDonalds! Being in Vietnam for a whole month, you may start craving for something greasy and more on the burger side than noodles. McDonalds is the right place to go! However, it is almost the same price as back in Canada.


Last but not least, an amusement park in Ho Chi Minh City. This picture was taken inside the ice castle in Dam Sen Park but the whole amusement itself does have other different activities including a circus or a water park. Walking around the ice castle, it felt as it was the beginning of winter in Canada. No thanks to that weather while on my travels!

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