Camping on Canada Day at Slave Lake


It takes about 3 hour drive to get from Edmonton to Slave Lake – Spruce point campground, our destination. I happened to be fortunate as my sister owns a RV. This allows me to either sleep, read, eat, or play games during the 3 hour ride.

The forecast for this weekend? Rain, rain and more rain! The moment we arrived, it was raining and it kept on going throughout the night. I slept in the tent and was not able to sneak out in the middle of the night for a quick washroom break.

We did however get lucky the next day as the sun was out all day. I came back home with a sun burn!

Here are some of the activities I did during our stay in Slave Lake for Canada day long weekend.

Lesser Slave Lake

  1. Fishing

Measuring over 100 km and 15 km at its widest point with a depth of 20.5 m, it is the second largest lake within Alberta boundaries.

However, this weekend the fish weren’t biting. In my video, I was the first one to catch anything and sadly to say, that was my only fish during that round.

In the past trips, the moment I put the bait down, I would instantly catch one. Oh well, sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t.

  1. Water Tubing

Knowing that the storm can come anytime and that it was our only chance to fish, we decided to do both at the same time. We dragged the tube to our fishing spot!

Although it would’ve been much more exhilarating to be dragged around for 20 minutes instead of 5, we made the right decision as the storm hit when we got back to the campsite. We ended up just fishing on the water tube. Again, I caught the first fish during this round!

  1. Fireworks

Being out this far from the city, I thought I would miss the fireworks for Canada Day this year but I was wrong. Since it was Canada Day long weekend, you’re allow to bring your own fireworks!

We didn’t have any but a couple of campers around us brought theirs and it was amazing. It wasn’t as big as what the city would’ve had but watching it light up the sky in the middle of nowhere, was an incredible feeling.

The only problem was that the field was infested with mosquitos. Around 4:05 in my video, you can clearly see a mosquitos flying by. I most likely got bit 5 times during the show.


TIP: If you’re in Alberta and decide to check out Slave Lake, try to avoid the long weekends as it can get very crowded!


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