California Fitness & Yoga in Da Nang City

Being in a different city or country, I still believe we should get our daily exercise in. Whether that be something simple as walking around the town or beach to something more intense as getting a full body routine in.

Having a habit of working out a minimum of 5 days a week back home, I was yearning to go lift up some weights while Da Nang.

With most of the business being in the city, I tooked a cab from my hotel, Sea Lion Hotel at the beach to California Fitness & Yoga. One way cab ride costed about 70,000 dong and the cab driver even offer to wait until I was done. The total cab ride there and back was 140,000 dong with him waiting for me until I finished up.

Entry Fee

Checking the website, I was not surprise that it didn’t show any price. I did however had a feeling that this place wasn’t going to be cheap. Looking through pictures, this facility looks better than any gym I’ve been back home.

When talking with the receptionist, they made me fill out a detail form about myself and asked me if I wanted to pay for one day, one month or yearly. Since I was leaving Da Nang to Hoi An in a couple hours, I offer to pay the onetime fee. It surely was expensive! It cost around 400,000 dong! That’s a car service to Bana Hills!

California Fitness & Yoga

What amazed about this place was when I walked into the changing area. I’m so used to just having a tiny change room that when I walked into the California Fitness & Yoga change room, my eyes lit up.

With its modern design and stunning glowing neon lights, this place is beautiful! I couldn’t believe how nice the changing area was. At the end of the change area, they had a sauna. Now back home, I seen some places with a steam room but not a sauna but I am sure there are places around my area that do provide a sauna.

With my car service waiting for me to drive me to Hoi An at my hotel, I sadly wasn’t not able to test these it out.

There’s also a good security in this facility. Before entering the gym, you need to pass some security guards but what surprised me the most was when I walked in the change room and seeing a security standing (or I should say, sitting) guard.

I was mostly in the weightlifting area which had most of the equipment that I needed. All the main ones such as the power rack, bench, and free weights that went up to at least 100 lbs (45 kg) were there. However, they were missing a few machines that I use quite a bit back home but it didn’t affect me too much.

The AC wasn’t bad but it was the greatest either. In some areas of the gym, I felt like I was in a sauna room that in between sets, I had to walk around just to cool down. In other areas, it felt fine.

Protein Shake!

Right in the middle of the gym, they had an area where you can buy drinks such as water or shakes and relaxed at the couple of tables that were there. The price was reasonable for the drinks and if you wanted too, you can pay extra for more protein!

Luckily I decided to get a protein shake (and extra protein!) before leaving because what happen next was that I ended up being locked inside a house in Hoi An for a couple of hours with nothing to eat!

Check out my video below. This was after my visit to California Fitness & Yoga!

Would I go back?

That depends. Overall, I really thought the gym itself was amazing. It had so many features such as and not limited to yoga, MMA, cardio, weightlifting, and swimming and as mentioned before, this gym is much better than any gym back home.

Having said all that, it all comes down to price when traveling for me. Paying around 400,000 dong for one day was definitely not worth it. Next time around, I’ll either be looking for a cheaper gym or do some bodyweight exercise back at the hotel.

I’ve always had a problem with getting my daily workout in. I would love to hear what do you do when out seeing the world? Do you just stop and wait until you get back home or do you do something lighter?

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