Why hello there! They call me Duy, pronounce as ‘Dewie’. I’m born and raised in a mid­size town in Canada, where the winter months seems a bit too long. During my free time, some of the things I enjoy doing are watching documentaries, reading non-fiction books, listening to audiobooks or podcasts, studying about real-estate, spending time with my nieces and nephews, watching hockey, and playing some video games. I’m also a fitness enthusiast, mostly bodybuilding and as of late, been getting into swimming.

Like many, I was never gifted with the ‘perfect’ body. Growing up, I had the nickname ‘bones’ for being underweight. I’ll certainly remember that to my grave but it doesn’t bother me now. I used it as drive to get where I am today. From 116 pounds to 190 pounds (from the day I’m writing this), I can say that when this person called me bones, it was the turning point of my life. The funny thing to all this is that apparently I’m getting too ‘fat’ now. You just can’t satisfy them.

After a couple years of being immersed with fitness, a new dilemma arose. Each and every time I’d go out on a vacation or travel, I seem to neglect all I’ve trained for. I would drink too much, eat too little, and never touching a single weight when I’m out in the world. Training for a healthy body was hard enough but now maintaining what I worked for was a bit harder.

Duy’s Next Stop

My mission on this blog is to help you work, earn, and maintain your body for the next stop in your life.

Whether that be getting in shape for your next travels or your 10 year high school reunion. Whatever it may be, I hope to provide you with enough knowledge, inspiration, and motivation to get that dream body you’ve always wanted. To also quiet down that naysayers along the way as I did with mine.

As well as preparing and working towards it, it’s also important to know how to maintain everything. We all know it’s hard to keep up with what we work so hard for when we’re out exploring our beautiful blue planet. I’ve been there a couple of times where I just let it all go.

Occasionally, I’ll also be sharing my travels. It’ll mostly be focus on Asia, specifically Vietnam. I do prefer slow traveling compare to fast. For some, it’s exciting to always be on the move but for me, I find it more enjoyable to take my time in one location. To engrossed myself in their traditions and culture. Other perks includes lower expenses as we all know, moving around can cost quite a bit. I do hope to share my experiences and any advices I have about traveling to these countries.

I’ll be capturing my journey in writing, photography, and video that I’ll be posting from time to time on this blog.