5 things I did during my stay in Peace River

I definitely love a big city more than a small town. That being said, with Peace River only having a population of approximately 7000 people and about 10 minute drive around the whole town, I certainly enjoyed my stay in Peace River.

These are the 5 things I did during my stay in this town.

  1. Fishing


One of the reason I love going around this area is that it gives me a chance to go fishing.

When I was young, my brother would take me shore fishing every weekend. I even went ice fishing a couple of times and pulled a fish up using my finger as the rod! As you see, I still remember that moment till this day.

Over the years, I’ve been spoiled. There was no more shore fishing, only hopping on a boat to the middle of the lake and fish from there. It’s a tremendous difference! Instead of maybe only getting one fish the whole day, you may get 20 on the boat.

We knew shore fishing had fewer chances but we still took the risk. The thrilled of a bite can get your heart pumping fast! Well I can’t speak for everyone but it sure does for me.



When we arrived at the fishing spot, there was added bad news for us. The river was beyond muddy. Seeing how muddy it was, the chances of catching a fish was slim to none but as I said earlier, the thrilled is worth the try.

(At the end of the day, we caught nothing)


  1. Beautiful views


We drove half way up but the road was block in the middle causing us to park and walk up. The walk only took us about 15 minutes to get to the top so it was not a problem. There was also a nice little stairs built in. Even the view of the sky looked amazing from the bottom of these stairs.

The very first picture on this page was capture from this moment!




I wished I could’ve stayed up there and enjoyed the moment a little bit longer but the swarm of mosquitoes said otherwise. I remember scratching my leg the whole night.


  1. Eating delicious foods & drinks


My friend Paul sure knows how to cook. I was not worrying one bit about what I was going to eat while at his apartment. I knew he was going to deliver me good food and he surely did.

The first day I arrived, he marinated ribs right before my eyes. In my mind, I kept thinking “we should cook those ribs now!” but I knew the longer we wait, the better the taste would be.



While waiting for the ribs to be fully marinated, he cooked a Hong Kong style dish. Eggs, tomatoes and ground beef. He added the ground beef to the recipe as his own and I’m glad he did. The tastiest part in my opinion was the ground beef! The whole dish really went well with rice.



Finally, it was rib time! He without doubt delivered this one as the rib was incredibly soft and was just soaked with the juicy sauce. Delicious!



And finally, you can’t have a wonderful home cooked meal without a drink in hand! While my friend was being a chef, I decided to make a beverage. In this picture above, I mixed a couple of random ingredients together.

I believe the ingredients were lemon juice, sugar, vodka or gin, mangoes, club soda, and ice!


  1. Walk along the river


One of the things I love was being able to walk out of his apartment and being at the river a minute later. Something about being by a river/lake/ocean always seems to lift up my mood. Knowing this, I put in my best effort to be out by waters as much as I possibly can.

Make sure you have mosquitos repellent and sunscreen on. I got sun burn during my last trip to Slave Lake, AB and the mosquitos were biting non-stop here as well.



The sunset made it picture perfect in my eyes.


  1. Pokemon Go!


With the Pokemon fad currently happening, I just had to be aware of my surroundings at all times. I realized that this activity has nothing to do with Peace River. It did however, forced me to leave the apartment and go outside which is always a good thing.

The cracked on my phone happened when I was in Nha Trang, Vietnam at Vinpearl this year of 2016. I decided not to replace my phone because of the memories it brings back or that’s just an excuse that I have for myself to hold out buying a new phone!

  1. What’s fun out there?

Have you visited a small town recently or currently live in one? If so, what are some activities you would recommend doing on top of my list?

I’ve only visited small towns such as Peace River under 5 times in my life, therefore I’m always on the lookout for new excited activities I can do for my next adventure out there.

Please don’t be shy and let me know in the comment section below!

Till the next adventure! (Thanks Paul)


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